Polygon Geometric puzzle

Polygon Geometric puzzle is an interesting and logical game in which you have to complete tasks.

Polygon Geometric puzzle

In the game, you will have a working field in front of you. This field must be filled with pieces and shapes.
Be careful, at the beginning the puzzles may seem simple, but with the passage of levels you will get a lot of tasks in which you need to think a lot and turn on your brain.

Geometric shapes in different numbers and different shapes, depending on the level of the game. Such objects can be manipulated only by correctly placing them on the playing field.

Goal: Just drag the indicated Polygon blocks to fit in the empty space!

By compiling a whole puzzle from small fragments, you can win and please yourself with a pleasant end result. The time to complete each stage is not limited, which means the opportunity to try a variety of combinations and tactics of passage.

Advantages Polygon Geometric puzzle :

• Smart game and easy drag and drop control
• Interesting musical theme
• Unlimited time to play
• A game with a colorful and accessible design
• Hints if suddenly you find it difficult to pass the level.
• Puzzle pieces of various shapes such as rectangles, triangles, squares and others

The day can be just amazing, and all thanks to the use of multiple stages of this geometric puzzle in your free time, which differ in their complexity.

Having shown attentiveness and the ability to cope with difficulties, it will not be difficult to achieve victory and get a lot of points for your efforts.

In Polygon Geometric puzzle you will need your mental representation of geometry, visual memory, attentiveness, patience.