Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman (09.06.1981) - American actress.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman (nee Hershlag) is a famous American and Israeli film star. She became well-known after her debut role in the film “Leon” (1994). Natalie was born on June 9th, 1981, in Jerusalem. Her father is a successful doctor and her mother is currently Natalie’s personal agent. The stage name “Portman” is her Jewish-Russian grandmother’s maiden name. When she was three, her family moved to the USA, where Natalie’s father was planning to improve his medical skills. At first they lived in Washington D. C. and she attended a Jewish Day School. Then they moved to Connecticut and after that to New York. In 1990 they finally settled on Long Island. At the moment she has a dual citizenship, because she loves living in both countries: the USA and Israel.

From the very childhood Natalie attended dance classes. In 1998, while studying at high school, she became the co-author of one important research, which gave her the opportunity to participate in academic competition. To take part in the semi-final of this competition she even missed the premiere of  “Star Wars: Episode I”, where she played one of the leading roles. In 2003 she graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Education is a very important part of her life. In addition to her two native languages, Hebrew and English, Natalie studied French, German, Japanese and Arabic.

She was a serious kid, the type who knew what she wanted in life and how to achieve it. When she was eleven, she was offered to become a model but refused it, as she wanted to concentrate on the career of an actress. In 1994, Natalie was casting for one of the Luc Besson’s film called “Leon”. She was chosen out of many other applicants to play the leading role - a girl named Matilda who was friends with the kind-hearted criminal Leon. The film received lots of positive reviews and brought Natalie fame and popularity. At that time she was only thirteen. After this role she had many other interesting offers.

In 1999, she started starring in the legendary “Star Wars” film. The first episode was called “The Phantom Menace”. This was followed by shooting of the film “Anywhere but Here”, where she played with Susan Sarandon. For this picture Natalie was nominated for the “Golden Globe”. For the film “Closer”, which was released in 2004, she was nominated for an Oscar. However, the film that brought her numerous awards was yet to come. It was the psychological thriller “Black Swan”, released in 2010. A year later she gave birth to her first son. According to Natalie, she is not going to devote all her life to acting. There are many other interests in her life, such as advocating for animal rights and environmental causes, aiding businesses in developing countries, etc.