Top 10 interesting facts about Alligators

Alligators have consisted of large reptiles; they are close counterparts of crocodiles. But, unlike crocodiles. They are found in almost all the continents except Europe and Antarctica because they are naturally only belonging to the United States and China. There are around two alligators related to American caimans with huge and powerful tails that are used for swimming and defense as well. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are placed on the top of their stretched head. They are looking different than crocodiles through their jaws and teeth. There are many more interesting facts and features of alligators which, will surely increase your knowledge about them.

Top 10 interesting facts about Alligators

They have a broad U-shaped nose and, all the teeth of the lower jaw fit within the upper jaw. Its large fourth tooth is placed into a socket in the upper jaw. Usually, you can’t see its teeth when its mouth is closed. In divergence, crocodiles have a narrow V-shaped nose, and the large fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw develops outside the nose and, you can easily see it when the mouth is closed. Alligators are carnivorous and live along the edges of water such, like ponds, marshlands, and rivers streams. The average life span of alligators is around 50 years in the wild world. Though, even they have spent life in captivity for up to 70 years. Alligator is a Spanish term for “the lizard” because early Spanish explorers and settlers in Florida first gave them the name of the alligator.

10: Cold-blooded creatures

As you know they mostly live in water that’s why they have belonged to cold-blooded creatures, like other reptiles. One of the interesting facts about alligators that due to cold-blooded creatures they can’t regulate their body temperatures internally like human beings and other warm-blooded animals. Due to this, they have a very slow metabolism, which lets them subsist for long periods without food. Interestingly, alligators can survive many months on a single large meal.

09: Alligators’ diet

Alligators are carnivorous their diet has consisted of any type of flesh. At a young age, they eat fish, pests, snails, shellfishes, and larvae. As they became mature, they slowly and gradually starting to eat large prey including huge fish such as gar, turtles, and various mammals, predominantly muskrat and different birds, deer, and other reptilians. They also eat lettuce leaves and other leafy vegetation. Furthermore, interesting facts that alligators had also been observed eating cumquats, citrus fruits, etc.

08: Good night vision

Alligators are nocturnal creatures; they have very good eyesight. Even they can see better than other creatures at night. That’s why they mostly hunt at night.

07: Alligators eating habit

Juvenile alligators are one of the classes which can consume about 23 percent of their body weight in a sitting, which is parallel to 180-pound persons eating more than 41 pounds of steak in one meal. Plus, the interesting facts about alligators that they have a slow metabolism rate which, helps them survive in the scarcity of food.

06: Its stomach can dissolve bones

As you know, its stomach has unique acids which have a pH of less than 2—in the range of lemon juice and vinegar. Interesting facts that prey can be digested in two to three days in alligators’ stomach easily. Interestingly, bones and other hard parts can just take 13-100 days to disappear from its body. Plus, it has a high immune system that can fight the most dangerous virus in HIV.

05: Good night vision and chasing habit

Alligators are nocturnal creatures; they have very good eyesight. Even they can see better than other creatures at night. That’s why they mostly hunt at night.

An alligator’s brain has approximated about only 8-9 grams weigh, which is the average size of a walnut, but it doesn’t mean they are stupid creatures. Interesting facts about alligators have been detected using lures like tools to chase birds.

04: They are much less aggressive than crocodiles

As the crocodiles are close cousins of alligators, they are much less aggressive than their counterparts, particularly the saltwater crocodile. Generally, they are diffident towards human beings and tend to walk or swim away if one comes near. They do not show any aggression towards humans.

According to Britannica, many incidents began due to humans not when they began to capture it. Between 2000-2007, alligators attack averaged just under 11 per year in Florida, along the death rate was less than 10%.

03: Feeding wild alligators was illegal

In Florida, it was illegal to feed the alligators. If they continuously feed it, they will finally lose their fear of humans and will learn to make them their food. Therefore, it is dangerous for people and alligators.

02: They produce tears

It is famous that crocodiles produce tears, like them alligators also produce tears, but that doesn’t mean they are crying. While consuming food, they swallow too much air, which gets in touch with lachrymal glands which are responsible for producing tears. Interesting facts that alligators that they also produce tears to clean and moisturize their eyes.

01: They don’t have vocals

Alligators are among the animals which have no vocal cords like other reptiles. But interesting facts that alligators can make sounds like woodpeckers. They make sounds to call their mates or their young ones or fight off competitors—such as a rasping hiss or a freely scary bellow.