Help the sparrow find all the words: Puzzle game

A puzzle where you have to collect words from letters to get a line

Help the sparrow find all the words: Puzzle game

Help the sparrow find all the words - this is a puzzle game where you need to train your brain and vocabulary. Word puzzle - search for words from a set of letters.

If you are a fan of free, relaxing games including crosswords, quizzes, word games, or even classic card games, try word search!


Find the words hidden in the field related to the topic of each level. Don't be fooled by unnecessary letters. Use hints if you are stuck on a very difficult word.

We suggest trying the game find words. These arcade games are a great opportunity to test the breadth of your horizons, train your memory, develop attention and learn patience.

The main goal of the genre is to find full-fledged names in the chaos of letters. Looking closely, you will see the relationship and find the token horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The first levels are usually educational, but further tasks become more difficult.


Swipe up, down, left, right, or diagonally to find specified words
Each puzzle has a clue that all the words are associated with.


• 7000+ levels are waiting for you,
• Beautiful interface and graphics.
• Suitable for both children and adults.
• Easy to play anytime, even without Wi-Fi.
• Word search puzzle - free to play
• No need to rush. There is no time limit or penalty.

It's a fun way to train your vocabulary, spelling and puzzle skills.
If you like puzzles and fun games, this game is for you.

Find all words is a huge category of educational intellectual games that effectively train memory, linguistic thinking, logic and attentiveness.

Download the game, train your brain, hone your mind and improve your vocabulary!
 Attentiveness and erudition are the main qualities for winning the game. Find the given words among the confusion of letters!