Block Puzzle Stone Age

Blocks need to be filled in a line to free up screen space and earn points.

Block Puzzle Stone Age

Block Puzzle Stone Age is a wonderful game made in the style of a classic puzzle. In a short time, puzzle was able to acquire its own fan base around the world. Despite the fact that this is a mystery, the rules are extremely simple and will be understandable even for beginners. All that is required of the player is to put several pieces in a row, after which they will disappear, and new ones will appear in their place.


You will have to strain your brains to understand how everything works in this world. If you can place the figures correctly, they will soon disappear. You have no idea what the next step will be. This retains the element of surprise. It is important to think carefully about each move, trying not to make mistakes. Try to plan ahead for your actions, but be prepared for any surprises.

 Gameplay Block Puzzle Stone Age:

The space of games of this genre consists mainly of an empty square. The player's task in games of this genre practically does not differ from the usual Tetris: to collect a whole line by collecting figures. The main difference from Tetris is that the player is given a choice of 3 chips, as in Tetris, which the player can place on any free space on the playing field. And so on until the player has enough space for new pieces.
The key difference from Tetris is that the blocks do not fall, but are placed manually

It is worth remembering that every movement will require logical thinking on your part. Calculate your actions in advance and come to victory. If you do not have time to put all the blocks in one row, their number will be constantly replenished until the playing field is completely filled. Full filling of the playing field means defeat.

It is important to create a square correctly and not fill the field with unnecessary elements. Also, if the build was successful, you can count on clearing these cells. In their place, you can again instruct the puzzle blocks.

This game has been downloaded by millions of people. Plus, she has a lot of positive ratings. This is due to the fact that it has many features and is not like other projects. And this is indeed the case, because the application is not like other puzzles. It has its own charm.

 Features Block Puzzle Stone Age:

• Quite beautiful and high-quality graphics, capable of forming a pleasant image even from the simplest elements.
• More than a thousand variations of combinations of figures to use during the game.
• Numerous blocks of various shapes.
• Nice high-quality musical accompaniment.

Mode Game Block Puzzle Stone Age:

• Classic
• Timed
• Bomb with endless levels to play