Fresh words: word connect

Fresh words: word connect - Word search game. If you like word games, then you will definitely like it. The goal of the game is to find the hidden words in the circle, in order to get the answer you need to spell the found word.

Fresh words: word connect

Some levels are very difficult and you can spend a lot of time in order to move to the next level.

Word puzzle game in which you have to look for answers to crossword puzzles. You are given a circle containing, containing several letters and fields for words, your task is simply to draw a line from letter to letter to form a word. If the answer is in the crossword puzzle, it will automatically appear in the corresponding field.

When it seems to you that it is impossible to form words from the given letters, you can use the mixing of letters, their position will change and it will be easier to pass the level. Each time you solve a crossword puzzle, you will be awarded points, which will later be converted into coins. For which, in case of difficulty passing the level, you can buy a hint in the form of showing one letter of the answer.

An intelligent word search game where you can improve your vocabulary without any problem. To pass the level, you need to find all the words, the answer can be obtained by swiping your finger sequentially through the letters.

An exciting word game in which you can replenish your vocabulary. To get the correct answer, use the provided set of letters. Incredible locations with beautiful landscapes are waiting for you.