16 Super Facts about Spiderman

Even if you’re not a fan of having spiders in your home, it is undeniable that Spiderman is a household name. Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman is dedicated to fighting crime and keeping the streets of New York safe, but how did he become the hero we all know and love?

16 Super Facts about Spiderman

The comic books, TV shows, movies and more have made Spiderman into who he is today. Not just a hero, but a beloved character and a multi million dollar franchise. How did all this come about? This international phenomenon, weaving his way into different universes, has been created and formed by many years of hard work and dedication.  Here’s 16 interesting facts about Spiderman to help you get to know him…

  1. Spiderman, a fictional superhero, was imagined and created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.
  2. He made his first appearance in the comic book Amazing Fantasy in 1962, this was during the period known as the silver age of comic books when they began to have widespread mainstream success.
  3. He appears in Marvel Comics and in TV shows, video games and movies set in the Marvel Universe, where he appears alone or alongside other Marvel superheroes such as in the Avengers.

interesting facts about Spiderman

  1. Spiderman’s real name is Peter Parker, his parents died in an airplane crash and he was brought up by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben.
  2. His powers come from the bite of a radioactive spider. He can grip onto surfaces, enabling to climb up walls, he has superhuman strength and a new found spidey-sense, giving him rapid reflexes and the ability to hear faraway sounds and movements.
  3. He is also very intelligent and good with technology. He designed and built his own artificial web shooting device to attach to his wrists, however in some adaptations the webbing he shoots comes from his own spider abilities, such as in the Spiderman played by Toby Maguire who acquires this natural ability from the spider bite.
  1. Spiderman was the first teenaged superhero to not bare the role of sidekick and many young readers could relate to this character and as he had no mentor or experienced gained from maturity, he had no one around him who understood his situation.
  2. In one adaptation his father figure, Uncle Ben, was killed by robbers and uttered the famous sentence “with great power, comes great responsibility”, but in the original story it was merely placed in a text box as Spiderman had to learn this for himself.
  3. Peter Parker, the shy high school nerd with spiderlike abilities, changed through his timeline into a university student, into a high school teacher with a wife and a kid, into a freelance photographer with no family, and many other variations.

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  1. Talking about his alternate timelines, other versions of Spiderman can be found in published series such as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man where Peter Parker supposedly dies and is replaced by Miles Morales, or the recent Tom Holland adaptation where Spiderman will take up Iron Man’s mantle as the protege and son Tony Stark never had.
  2. There was even a broadway musical adaptation: Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark.
  3. Spiderman has died many times and many ways, the most well known being when he took a bullet for Captain America in the Ultimate Universe and in the Avengers movie where he is one of those destroyed by Thanos.
  4. Peter Parker’s skin remains penetrable as he is still human and so he is not immune to stab wounds or bullets, however he uses his spidey-sense to dodge attacks and avoid any such injuries.
  5. Spiderman’s weakness, his personal kryptonite, is Ethyl Chloride pesticide. This affects his valuable spidey-senses however it does not incapacitate him and he joins the ranks of heroes such as Captain America and Batman which are somewhat weak in their humanity but are still much stronger than the everyday Joe.
  6. Spiderman appears in many universes and so naturally has been seen with many love interests. One that might ring a bell is Mary Jane Watson, or MJ, but Gwen Stacy also appears in a few universes and was his first girlfriend in the comic books, Black Cat and a few other less known crushes and partners also make appearances.

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  1. In the 2018 movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse the aforementioned Miles Morales gangs up with five other versions of Spiderman from different universes to defeat a new threat, introducing female spider-powered members.

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